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Here is the comment we received from SAURABH MAURYA:

Comment: sir, i want to know which scholorship is best for us to study actually i belong to middile order family so i can not pay your fee please give me free scholarship to study in foriegn country.
my favourite sybject is maths . i get 83% in intermediate .  i am waiting your answer .

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to saurabh100maur.
Dear Sir,

Thanks for visiting We do not offer any person to person consulting service. We post information related to scholarships and financial aid addressing the requirements of a general audience.

You are advised  to visit this website (blog) and other websites offering similar information.You may also visit the nearest British Council Office. They offer information on scholarship opportunities in UK universities. The British Council offices are located in larger Indian cities. Information is also available from their website.

Getting 100% funding through scholarships is rare. You have to do a lot of home work to find out resources that can fund your higher education. Part of the amount has to come from your own (or your family’s) savings. Part from scholarships, something can come from part time jobs while you study, a small portion may have to be borrowed from Endowments like Tata Scholarship Trust or financial organisation like banks.

Whatever sources you intend to tap, you should have very good educational track record to be eligible for funding.  Before deciding to borrow from banks think about the job prospects for a student who passes out from the chosen course. If the employment prospects are not bright repayment of loans may be difficult.

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Roy Southil

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