Alastair Ross Goobey Memorial Scholarship

Alastair Ross Goobey Memorial Scholarship

Alastair Ross Goobey Memorial Scholarship has been established by Hermes Fund Managers and the International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN), UK., in memory of Alastair Ross Goobey and his contribution to the investment management industry and as a pioneer of the international corporate governance movement.

Alastair was a highly respected and successful City fund manager. He became the chief executive of Hermes, one of the largest pension fund managers in the UK. He was a pioneer and champion of the global corporate governance movement. Alastair is credited with transforming the global corporate governance into what we see today. Alastair was educated at Marlborough and at Trinity College, Cambridge.

Alastair Ross Goobey Memorial Scholarship aims to provide the financial assistance necessary to encourage and develop the emergent corporate governance leaders of the future. The annual scholarship endowment will be awarded to an individual displaying strong leadership in the field of corporate governance, despite facing the challenges of working in a difficult or low income environment. The ambition of the Scholarship is to provide an individual with the opportunity and the support to further their contribution to international corporate governance reform.

The Alastair Ross Goobey Scholarship will provide annual financial assistance towards: Participation at global ICGN and relevant partner Conferences; conference registration fees; travel expenses; accommodation costs; annual ICGN Membership; publication of candidate’s research paper/s; bursary towards costs of research and writing of research paper/s.

Selection Criteria
The Alastair Ross Goobey Scholarship is open to any individual around the world working or researching in the field of corporate governance. The Scholarship award is focused towards those individuals working in low income countries or environments, who would benefit most from the opportunity to participate in the global governance debate, as well as contribute their own research and experience.

An individual may be eligible to apply for the Alastair Ross Goobey Scholarship if the candidate:
can demonstrate an active role in working, or research, in the field of corporate governance; can demonstrate how he(she) will be able to use the opportunity of the scholarship to further his(her) work in corporate governance reform; can provide two references, one of whom should be from the institution with which the candidate is affiliated.

How to apply: Applications can be done by completing the on-line application form on the ICGN website ( The ICGN Board, made up of representatives from around the world, will award the Scholarship each year. Successful candidates will be notified in writing ahead of the annual ICGN Conference. For assistance Email:, visit ICGN scholarship page.

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