University of Sussex Economic and Social Development Scholarship 2014

University of Sussex UK

Economic and Social Development Scholarship 2014

3 February 2014 by Roy Southil

The scholarship is offered to students registered on one-year Master’s degree programmes and is intended for students who will contribute to the economic or social development of their countries when they return on completion of their studies.

Subject areas: Anthropology, Development Studies/International Development (including the Institute of Development Studies), Economics, Education (including MA in Childhood and Youth Studies), Gender Studies, International Relations, Human Rights, and Migration Studies.

Level:  Postgraduate taught.

Value: £5,000 in the form of tuition fee reduction.

Applicants must be Indian nationals. Awards will be made on the basis of academic merit. Students currently studying in the UK are not eligible to apply. Applicants should not previously have studied at degree level in the UK. Applicants should be classified to pay fees at the ‘overseas’ rate. Student will not be able to receive this scholarship in conjunction with any other scholarship from the university.

How to apply: Applications should be made on the prescribed form.

Application deadline: 28th March 2014

Further information: Further information and scholarship application form can be downloaded from the scholarship web page of the university.

Contact details
Student Funding Team
Student Life Centre
University of Sussex
Chichester 1, Ci003
East Sussex

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