The Charles Wallace Trust Grants and Visiting Fellowships

Charles WallaceThe Charles Wallace Trust Grants and Visiting Fellowships

The Charles Wallace Trust is among the largest givers of Grants and Fellowships to Indians for professional education and research in UK. The Charles Wallace Trust Grants and Visiting Fellowships are awarded by Charles Wallace Trusts, established in 1981 with funds bequeathed by Charles Wallace. He was born in Calcutta in 1855. He was a successful British businessman who did business in India in the late 19th century. He was one of the founders of the well known Shaw Wallace Company. He died in London in 1916 at the age of sixty. After  providing for his family, he left the bulk of his estate for charitable work. As directed by him in his will, Trusts were set up in the United Kingdom for each of the four countries that were part of former British India: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Burma (Myanmar) to extend assistance to the nationals of those countries to obtain education and professional development in the United Kingdom.

The four Trusts established to carry out Charles Wallace’s wishes were registered as United Kingdom Charities:
The Charles Wallace India Trust
The Charles Wallace Pakistan Trust
The Charles Wallace Bangladesh Trust
The Charles Wallace Burma Trust
Each trust has its own independent Board of Trustees.

About Charles Wallace India Trust
In 1981, following an agreement between the Indian and British governments, The Charles Wallace India Trust (CWIT) was established as an English charity. The British Council played a central role in establishing the trusts, as one of the three original trustees, and still plays a key role in the Charles Wallace India Trust operations. During the last 30 years CWIT has made about 2700 grants. British Council India advises on CWIT’s work and gives valuable administrative support including guidance on applying for a visa.

The Charles Wallace India Trust gives grants to Indians in the early or middle stages of their careers who are living in India and working or studying in the arts, heritage conservation or the humanities. The grants enable successful applicants to achieve their artistic, academic or professional ambitions by attending programmes in a number of Universities and Institutions of higher learning in the United Kingdom.

The categories of grants available include fully-funded awards; visiting fellowships in agreed subjects at specific institutions; grants for research and professional visits; grants for doctoral study; and grants to attend the Scottish Universities Summer School.

Further information about the various types of grants available, and guidance on eligibility and how to apply, can be found on the website of the British Council in India: Or Grants and Fellowships offered by the Charles Wallace India Trusts will be featured in this website shortly. Keep visiting for more scholarship opportunities.

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